Founded in 2003, Dai Son Thuy Co., Ltd. has affirmed its position with 20 years of experience in the garment industry and the production of raincoats. With the slogan "Sustainable development, best quality", we have progressively gained customer trust and asserted our position

We are happy to bring to our clients the most cutting-edge raincoat goods, pleasing even the most discerning consumers with a special experienced staff and modern machinery 100% imported from Japan.

Due to the high quality and affordable prices, our raincoat are well-liked and have a solid reputation in the market. With the guiding principle of putting product quality first, we consistently provide client pleasure.

Our product specialized in producing two-layer raincoats that are both warm and comfortable to wear in rain, diverse in types and suitable for many customers including kids

We are constantly innovating, increasing product quality as well as providing new goods to give customers more choice to suit their needs.


  • Certificate of GOLDEN CUP by Intellectual Property for reliable products, favorite brands, perfect service in 2016 for Thuy Son raincoat products - Dai Son Thuy Co., Ltd.
  • Certificate of Technology Innovation Pioneers - Sustainable Green Economy Development in 2016
  • Dai Son Thuy Co., Ltd. is recognized as Vietnamese high-quality goods in accordance with standards and safe products for public health in 2016.

Dai Son Thuy Co., Ltd strives to maintain the pioneer position in leading the trend, modern, friendly and high-quality designs for customers

Our factory with an area up to 700 m2 and more than 100 workers. The production scale is divided separately with cutting areas, sewing lines according to the part of the product to help our worker productively

Furthermore, we also have a department that monitors the work progress as well as the output quality of the product, which is always neat and consistent quality. The roller machine and the logo sewing machine are also important details that make an outstanding product

Product will always be checked in detail from seams, excess threads, zippers...before packaged and sent out. At the same time, it is also ironed by a specialized machine, to ensure that the product reaches the customer's hand and will get absolute satisfaction
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